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  dx de d600 f160 f430
  DX / DX+ DE / DE+ D600 F160 F430
Build Size (L*D*H) 300*250*300(520)mm 400*300*300(520)mm 600*600*600mm 160*160*200mm 400*300*300mm
Shaft Structure Cross Axis CoreXY Gantry (Linear module) CoreXY Gantry (Linear Guides)
Filament Diameter 3.0mm (1.75 optional) 3.0mm (1.75 optional) 3.0mm (1.75 optional) 1.75mm 1.75mm
Extruder Geared Remote Geared Remote Geared Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive
Nozzles Double (Max.3) Double (Max.3) Double Single Double
Best Printing Speed 45mm/s 45mm/s 45mm/s 60mm/s 55mm/s
Resolution 0.05mm 0.05mm 0.05mm 0.04mm 0.04mm
Layer Resolution 0.02mm 0.05mm 0.05mm 0.01mm 0.02mm
Screen Touch 4.3″ Touch 4.3″ Touch 4.3″ Touch 4.3″ Touch 4.3″
Nozzle Temperature Max. 350°C Max. 350°C Max. 350°C 260(Max.420)°C 260(Max.420)°C
Hot Air System Y (70°C) Pro only Y (70°C)
Filaments Drying Y (45°C/65°C) Pro only
Hot Bed Max. 100°C Max. 100°C Max. 100°C Max. 150°C Max. 110°C
Bed leveling Manually Manually Automatic Pro only Manually Automatic
Air Filtration Y
Storage Media USB Disk USB Disk USB Disk USB Disk USB Disk
Fully Enclosed Half Half Full Full Full
Max. Power 300W 360W 1000W/4000W Pro 340W 1500W
Packing Size 550*500*670 (870)mm 720*560*670 (870)mm 1000*1030*1360mm 470*420*600mm 750*580*720mm
Packing Weight 35 (40) KG 45 (55) KG 190 KG 25 KG 62 KG

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CreatBot son impresoras profesionales para aplicaciones 3D perfectas para makers, diseñadores, ingenieros, arquitectos, educación superior, producción rápida, y cualquiera que busque impresión 3D de alta calidad.

CreatBot F160

CreatBot F160


The CreatBot F160 is a cheap fully enclosed desktop 3D printer with high-speed perfect for education, Beginners, home users, makers, designers, special materials like PEEK or carbon fiber, and anyone looking for an easy-to-use high precision 3D printer.

CreatBot F430

CreatBot F430


The CreatBot F430 is a reliable fully enclosed professional 3D printer perfect for engineers, architects, Aerospace, higher education, fast production, and anyone looking for a large print volume with high precision 3D printer.

CreatBot DX / DX Plus

CreatBot DX / Plus


The CreatBot DX series is a large desktop 3D printer perfect for Higher Education, makers, designers, engineers, architects, medical instruments ,art design and anyone looking for a big print volume 3D printer.

CreatBot DE / DE Plus

CreatBot DE / Plus


The CreatBot DE is a reliable professional 3D printer perfect for makers, designers, engineers, architects, Higher Education,fast production, and anyone looking for an large print area 3D printer.

CreatBot D600

CreatBot D600


The CreatBot D600 is a robust industrial grade 3D printer. The only cheapest industrial 3D printer that every company affordable in the world! Perfect for higher education, rapid production, commercial prototyping, medicine, Aerospace, architecture, auto industry, fabrication and manufacturing.