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Metal Hotend 350° Hotend High Precision Metal Chassis Large BuildSize Outage Saving Filament Checking Glass Ceramic Touch Screen Remote Feeding Precise Feeder Triple Extruders

Printing Videos

DX Bearing Printing Video

DX Printing Video

DX Three Head Printing Video

Temperature Up to 350°C

We are the first one to publish 350°C ultra-hight temperature nozzle to mass market and it possess exclusive patent. This kind of nozzle allow to print with a variety of filaments. And the fantasy blue metal cooling sink can efficiently cool down the heatbreak. The nozzle height can also be micro adjusted. And we accept customized for single/double/triple head.

CreatBot DE All Metal Head
Metal Hotend Icon

All metal hotend, more durable

350°C Hotend Icon

350°C support more supplies

Nozzle Height Adjustable Icon

Nozzle height adjustable

Three Nozzle Icon

Supports up to 3 hotend

High Precision

We exclusively research and develop the extruder feeding system support high-speed printing, and accuracy can reach high to 0.05mm, it allows to extrude filament steady without block.

Precision up to:0.05mm Speed up to: 200mm/s

CreatBot DE High Precision Sample


The whole-steel body not only ensure the stability when printing but alst greatly extend the usage period. the optimization and cooperation of overall structure ensure the sustainable and efficient operation. The first batch of CreatBot 3D printers have been working for 5 years and more than 8000 hours.

CreatBot DE All Metal Chassis

Large Build Size

We provide variety of printing sizes for you reference. The largest build volume is 5 to 20 times bigger than it of other ordinary 3D printers in noadays market.

CreatBot DE build volume: 400*300*300mm

CreatBot DE Large Build Size Printer

CreatBot DE Plus build volume: 400*300*520mm

CreatBot DE Plus Large Build Size Printer

Outage Restored & Filament Detection

The printer will automatically memorize the current position and save the print data, lower the working platform and withdraw filament when the power off suddenly.

CreatBot DE Filament Detection

Power Outage Restored Video

Filament Detection Video

Glass Ceramic Platform

The printer has mico-crystal platform so that can support hight thermal efficiency, you can set the parameters to turn off the hot bed automatically after the specified number of layers.

CreatBot DE Glass Ceramic Platform

Easy Touch Screen

The printer has a 4.3″ touch screen, more easy to operate. We also provide One-Key to preheat, print, home as well as other shortcut keys.

CreatBot D600 Touch Screen

More Features

CreatBot DE Remote Feeding System

Simple Feeding Frame

The stepper is separated with the hotend, so that the hotend is even lighter, smaller and will has less inertia of movement, also greater space utilization.

CreatBot DE Geared Feeder

Filament Feeder

Geared motor can reduce speed intelligently and it support super torque so that it can feed filament in high precision without slipping and delay when withdrawing the filament.

CreatBot DE Triple Extruders

Triple Extrusor

Soporta impresión a 3 colores, soporta impresión por tipo de material.

Datos Técnicos

CreatBot DE Series


Tecnología de Impresión:

Modelado por fundido

Volúmen de Construcción:

400*300*300mm (DE)

400*300*520mm (DE Plus)

Número de Boquillas:

Doble (Maximo 3)



Resolución de capas:


Diámetros de Filamentos:

3.0mm (1.75mm optional)


PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Nylon, PC, PTEG, HIPS, PP, Flexible, TPU, PVA, etc.

Diámetros de boquilla:

0.4mm (0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0mm)

Tipos de archivos impresos:



Temperatura ambiental de trabajo:


Max. Temperatura de boquilla:


Max. Temperatura del plato base:



La mejor velocidad de impresión:


Max. velocidad de impresión:


Max. velocidad de trasporte:




Acero recubierto, Aluminio fundido para componentes en movimiento, POM

Plato base:

Plato de Vidrio Cerámico

Nivelación del Plato:

Nivelación de fábrica, Ajuste manual


Motor con Engranajes (1:10 rate)

Motores paso a paso:

Angulo paso 1.8° con 1/16 Micro-paso

Precisión de Posicionamiento ejes X Y:

12.7 Micrones

Precisión de Posicionamiento eje Z:

1.25 Micrones


Requerimientos de Energía:

100-240V, 50/60Hz

Max. Potencia:



LCD 128 * 64 multi-lenguaje

Chip de Control:

ATmega 2560


SD Card





CreatWare Multi-lenguaje

Tipos de Archivo:


Sistemas Operativos:

Windows (7, 8, 10)

Mac OS X

Funciones Especiales

Restauración frente a cortes de corriente:

Guarda los datos de impresión cuando se corta la corriente.

Detección de Filamento:

La impresión es pausada cuando el filamento se agota.

Apagado Automatico:

Se a paga automaticamente cuando el tranajo de impresión termina.

Tamaño & Peso

Dimensiones & Peso:

590*430*560mm 35Kg (DE)

590*430*780mm 42Kg (DE Plus)

Packing Size & Weight:

720*560*670mm 45Kg (DE)

720*560*870mm 55Kg (DE Plus)

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